F.R.David: The ‘With Love’ Issue. Will Holder. Corner College (Zürich). 22.07.2010

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Corner College lädt Dich herzlich zur folgenden Veranstaltung am nächsten Mittwoch ein:

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When Europe Speaks with One Voice
Will Holder
Wednesday, 22.7.2010, 8 pm
Vortrag in englischer Sprache

During this evening, designer, editor and writer Will Holder presents the seventh issue of de Appel’s “F.R.David”, dealing with “the compression of letter-writing as cybernetic translation – vs. redundant delivery of intention – from one form to another, ‘With Love,”. Including contributions from Alison Knowles, Tine Melzer, Esperanza Rosales and others…

“An Attempt to Evolve, XXIV: Berkeley the circling dog”

Two dogs sit in a room, furnished by a nurturing hand (cut flowers, floral curtains, labelled storage pots). Actually, one of them doesn’t sit, nor lie on the plainly up holstered chaise-longue. His ears hang down, as do the corners of his mouth and the brow above the eyes that
stare desperately into an unseen space. His head is propped up by the wide back of the chaise-longue, which also ensures that he won’t see – only hear the questions from behind his right shoulder, of – the other dog with the pointed ears, sitting: wide-eyed, upright and smiling in
a straight-backed chair; he supports a pad on his right leg (crossed over left), and pen, in hand, to take down the response to

“And if you ever did catch your tail, are you sure it would make you happy?”

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Die Veranstaltungsreihe untersucht die strategische Verwendung von historischem Material im Rahmen künstlerischer Praxen. Anhand von Vorträgen soll thematisiert werden, wie bildende Künstler gegenwärtig historisches Material benutzen um aktuelle Diskurse zu befragen oder
zu unterminieren, und welche narrativen Modelle von (Kunst-)Geschichte dieser Beschäftigung zugrunde liegen.

“When Europe Speaks with One Voice” wird veranstaltet vom Master of Fine Arts (ZHdK), unter der Leitung von Lucie Kolb und Romy Rüegger.

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Langstrasse 84 / Brauerstrasse 37
CH-8004 Zürich

Corner College