POV paper issue 1. La Fête du Slip, sexualities festival

Posted in newsprint on April 1st, 2015
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Swiss-based quarterly mind fucking paper about gender and sexuality, linked to the sex-positive festival La Fête du Slip. Sexy photos, illustrations, erotic fiction, reviews of porn and interesting films, records to listen, dance and fuck to, a selection of sex-positive events, as well as critical articles on theory, politics, sex-education, and lots more!

Authors: TEXTS BY: Ivan Ligne-Noire (Queer masochist & poet), Gala Vanting (Erotic Imaginist. Porn performer and producer, professional BDSM service provider, educator, pleasure activist, smutty broad), Claude-Hubert Tatot (Art historian, porn lover and collector), Russell Shaeffer (Film director), Sean Dunne (film director), Kay Garnellen (Performer, writer, trans activist), Cie à contre poil du sens (Dance company), David Bloom (Choreographer), Sarah de Vicomte (Journalist), Louisa K. (writer), Mathias Clivaz (Philosophy graduate), Fabienne Morales (Writer), Michel Pennec (Librairie Humus), Sasha Osipovich (La Fête du Slip director).

IMAGES BY: Samuel Nyholm (illustrator), Philippine Chaumont & Agathe Zaerpour (Photographers)

newsprint, full color, shrink wrapped. First printing 1000 copies.
31,5 x 47 cm Folded

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