F.R. DAVID – The “Iditorial” issue. Dieter Roelstraete.

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F.R. DAVID – The “Iditorial” issue
Dieter Roelstraete

“The bizarre order in which the seven days of the week appear in the current issue of F.R.DAVID is modelled after the sequence of KarlHeinz Stockhausen’s opera cycle ‘Licht’, starting with “Donnerstag am Licht” (work on which began in 1977) and ending with “Sonntag am Licht”, the part with which the composer finally concluded the series in 2003. In Stockhausen’s cycle, the subject matter of each opera mirrors (however opaquely at times) the traditional mythological attributes ascribed to the various days of the week—not a concern that exerted any influence on F.R.DAVID’s appropriation of this structure, which is no more than a homage in passing. Each editorial was conceived and written, however, within the space of a day, with various elements recurring, echo-like, throughout the week that was. So far, ‘Licht’ has never been staged in its entirety, and it is not known whether Stockhausen ever meant it to be.”

Publisher(s): de Appel arts centre
Editor(s): Will Holder, Ann Demeester, Dieter Roelstraete, Edna van Duyn
ISBN: 1874-026X
Year: 2009
Design: Will Holder
Language: English

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