The Meaning of Everything, vol.1. Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri. Paraguay Press

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The Meaning of Everything, vol. 1 Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri. 2009.
Paraguay Press
Edition of 500.

The first manifestation of a long-term creative collaboration between Ayreen Anastas (b. Bethlehem, Palestine) and Rene Gabri (b. Tehran, Iran) in the form of a series of artists books, The Meaning of Everything. Vol.1 was conceived in Paris during the summer of 2008 and the artists residency at castillo/corrales. Entirely handwritten, it presents a series of notes, quotes, thoughts and drawings about the ever-changing conditions of the blurring of art and life. The book is also a script which can open up to events, acts, performances, videos, texts, statements or diners. Anastas and Gabri are two of the primary organizers of the 16 Beaver group, an artist community that functions as a social and collaborative space on 16 Beaver street in New York, where the group hosts panel discussions, film series, artist talks, radio recordings, reading groups and more.

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