Inventaire Déraisonné. Thibault Tourmente. BATT Coop

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inventaire_deraisonne_thibault_tourmente_batt_1 inventaire_deraisonne_thibault_tourmente_batt_2 inventaire_deraisonne_thibault_tourmente_batt_3 inventaire_deraisonne_thibault_tourmente_batt_4

The Inventaire Déraisonné is a visual archive work. The images, here juxtaposed in a form of automatic writing, come exclusively from found books and then cut out, the artist thus creates 420 pages made up of 2427 images. Anatomical details, ancient sculptures, industrial architectures…These shots come mostly from encyclopedias, dictionaries, as many books that have become obsolete at a time when knowledge seems accessible from any screen. These images constitute a hinterland, a cartography of representations archived by the mind.

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