Ritual Without Myth. Royal College of Art.

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Ritual Without Myth. Royal College of Art.

Designed by Rustan Söderling and edited by Lily Hall and Laura Smith, the catalogue for Ritual without Myth features a series of short essays that contextualise the practice of the artists in the exhibition, and provide insight into their diverse approaches to ritual, as well as their embodiment and subversion of dominant myths.

Interspersed throughout the catalogue, a visual essay expands upon these written narratives through a series of images and quotations, including images from the Warburg Institute’s Photographic Collection, London, that reinforce and open out existing connections between the exhibited works.

The catalogue is accompanied by a full-colour insert with photographic documentation of the exhibition.

Printed by Art Quarters Press, the Ritual without Myth catalogue is printed on Cyclus Offset 100% recycled paper manufactured from 100% de-inked waste at Dalum mill.

Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-1-907342-31-8

D 9€

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