Sliding the Slow Split. OMP 14

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Sliding the Slow Split by Navid Nuur. Published by Onomatopee.


During his working period at the Cacaofabriek, Navid developed an artistic signature that grabbed Onomatopee’s attention. Titles of works should function, according to Navid, both as a literary designation of meaning as of a visual addition to this conceptual stance. This was Navid’s working challenge. Navid figured out a way how he could play with the text’s ink by spraying water on the text, on the canvas. The ink of the text would flow downward, leaving layers of ink in different colours behind. Black ink, for example, contains multiple colours of witch some flow further down then others. A flowing colour radiance is what resides on the canvas.

The combination of both text and visual appearance make this publication suiting to Onomatopee. Besides this reason comes that Navid is a great guy.

D 15€