NUDITY & ATROCITY. Dan Bodan. Mangrove Records

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NUDITY & ATROCITY, DAN BODAN’s second full-length album, is a gothic romance. The love he sings of is fraught and intense, trapped on a windswept and desolate plain, dreaming of warmer times. Its songs are lovesick, melancholic, and irresolute.
Their passion does not dissipate. Perhaps, because beyond it there is only the deceptively empty landscape: full of invisible radio waves, flying saucers, and survivalists in hidden cabins. Unlike Virginia, this is a place for lovers. Romance can only grow in the most hostile of environments.

The album’s tracks are built from this environment. As a result, NUDITY & ATROCITY feels thoroughly North American despite having been produced in Berlin. The paranoid reality, which peaks in and out of its tracks, prepares for the end of the world with tin-foil hats, not bomb shelters. Rolling thunder, barking dogs, and the ambient chatter of A.M. radio are layered over the tracks’ melodies, contrasted with the more mundane found audio and distorted to the point of being almost unidentifiable.

This sets a tempo and lends an intonation. DAN BODAN builds walls of sound around his melodies. The walls vary in their clarity and every once in a while become transparent enough to catch a glimpse of the irrational world beyond, where every weather balloon is a Reptilian spacecraft and every reggae song is an excuse to close your eyes and dream of the tropics. The tension between the paranoid environment and the amorous subject is what allows NUDITY & ATROCITY to achieve its considerable sophistication. It draws together its disparate influences as if it were absentmindedly scanning the radio. The tuner passes through the conspiracy theorists and the right-wing demagogues, the Top 40 channels and the greatest hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The listener is only halflistening. His mind is somewhere else. With someone else.

NUDITY & ATROCITY is a limited edition of 250 vinyl records designed by artist SIMON

D 15€


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