Rischi Minori. Giulia Piscitelli. Nero

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Rischi Minori. Giulia Piscitelli.

The catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition by Giulia Piscitelli Rischi Minori, January 25 – April 2, 2011 at Fondazione Giuliani per l’arte contemporanea. The catalogue includes a special project by Giulia Piscitelli and two critical texts by Stefano Chiodi and Salvatore Lacagnina. This is the first monograph dedicated to Giulia Piscitelli.

Published by Nero
Language: English / Italian
Designer: Francesco de Figueiredo
Photographer: Gilda Aloisi
19 x 27 cm
339 g
ISBN: 978-88-97503-01-9

D 20€


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