Versuch No. 1: Notes and Projects

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Versuch No. 1: Notes and Projects

Edited by Gil Leung, Notes and Projects is about making something because you love something else. In light of this, the first chapter of Versuch is on forms of notation that use preexisting things, for example quotes or other objects, to try to articulate, or just share, that indeterminate quality that can make something so important to us.

Contributors include:
Jesse Ash, Ed Atkins, Andrea Büttner, David Raymond Conroy, Jesse Aron Green, Pablo Lafuente, Liang & Liang, Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Charlotte Moth, Francesco Pedraglio, Colin Perry, Heather Phillipson, Paul Pieroni, Hannah Rickards, Alexandre Singh, Luke Skrebowski, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Jesper List Thomsen

Published by VERSUCH, London in 2011
Designed by Bev Weaner
109 pages

D 12€


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