Simulacrum – Jrg. 28 #2 Fetish

Simulacrum – Jrg. 28 #2 Fetish
Author: Various
Publisher: Simulacrum
Language: English, Dutch
Pages: 79
Size: 16.5 x 22 cm
Weight: 164 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 09297480
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Product Description

Simulacrum is a magazine for art and culture that serves as an accessible and high-quality publication platform for students and experts in the field. Four issues are published each year, each time under a specific theme. The subjects are always approached from different disciplines within the arts and culture sciences, and placed in both historical and contemporary perspective.

When selecting articles for Simulacrum, we consider our choices for authors, artists, and subjects. We aim to provide a platform for a multiplicity of perspectives and voices, and pay specific attention to art histories outside Europe and artists who are often underexposed in dominant narratives.

Editorial board: Anne-Rieke van Schaik, Marit Holtrust, Nadeche Remst, Marsha Bruinen, Otto Duistermaat, Laura Kneebone, Max Litjens and Anouk Slewe

Authors: M. Maria Walhout, Anne-Rieke van Schaik, Else Siemerink, Marit Holtrust, Laura Krabbe, Maaike Rikhof and Hannah Pezzack

Designed by Ruby van Vugt