Simulacrum – Jrg. 28 #1 Practicing Exposure

Simulacrum – Jrg. 28 #1 Practicing Exposure
Author: Various
Publisher: Simulacrum
Language: English, Dutch
Pages: 79
Size: 16.5 x 22 cm
Weight: 164 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 09297480
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Price: €6.50
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Product Description

“Practicing Exposure” is a collaborative project between Simulacrum and FIBER, an Amsterdam based organisation, dedicated to present and initiate artistic productions at the intersection of audiovisual art, digital culture and electronic music. This year, FIBER started the ongoing research project “Cartographies of the Vanishing Now”, in which artists, designers and researchers explore the potential of sensory art and alternative cartographic methods to remap reality in the age of environmental collapse. “Practicing Exposure” is part of this ongoing discussion on how to relate to an increasingly unstable and precarious existence in the face of a climate emergency.

Editorial board: Anne-Rieke van Schaik, Marit Holtrust, Nadeche Remst, Marsha Bruinen, Otto Duistermaat, Laura Kneebone, Max Litjens and Anouk Slewe

Authors: Mattia Capelletti, Michelle Geraerts, Fiona Glen, Renée Hoogland, Bart Jansen, Lijuan Klassen, Max Litjens, Johanna Rietveld, Nadeche Remst, Miriam van Rijsingen and Sissel Marie Tonn

#. Water-thieves and time-givers
Sissel Marie Tonn

#. Immersed, Unmoored, Unfrounded: Interview with Stacy Alaimo
Michelle Geraerts and Max Litjens

#. Seizing the Means of Perception: Human Stories of Eco-Intimacies in a High-Tech Ecologically Damaged World
Renée Hoogland

#. DRASLAND STRETCH: On modes of being entangled
Mattia Capelletti

#. Becoming Strange or Strange Becoming: (Human) life in microgravity and underwater
Nadeche Remst

#. Heal Underfoot: Moss as a Model
Fiona Glen

#. Camouflage at the End of the World: Attending to Octopus Skin
Lijuan Klaßen

#. Moving Stones as Lithic Intimacy: Two artists in dialogue with the earth
Miriam van Rijsingen

#. The Disorder of Creativity in Post-Anthropocentric Art: A Feyerabendian Aesthetics
Johanna Rietveld and Bart Jansen

#. How to float in a Sinking World
Joana Velu, Mathild Clerc-Verhoeven, Pepijn Meurs and Rots Brouwer