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Publisher: Colorado House
Language: English
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Times is an annual publication concerned with memory and representation. The first edition of Times, The Puzzling Almanac, is a pictorial atlas arranged according to a calendrical structure.
365 photographs from the early 19th to the early 20th century were assembled to a book, enabling the reader to embark on time travels through unlikely associations between scientific inventions, ancient discoveries and past current affairs. The blatant staging of the photographs that have become constituents of our collective memory, reveal the futility of objectifiable, transhistorical systems of measurement and documentation. We are always dealing with genealogical, indexicalized representations, or in less fancy words, with storytelling.

The cyclical notion of the calendar installs the photographs in the realm of the clockwork of the skies, an ongoing movement that allows brief glimpses of time, yet as soon as we have realized, they have already escaped our grasp and disappeared into something scientists have described as an ever-expanding, strange spiral.