Miniatures Persanes (vinyl)

Miniatures Persanes (vinyl)
Author: Elodie
Publisher: La Scie Dorée
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Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 200 g
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Product Description

"Master musical storytellers Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Lujik lure us into a “A musical fantasy in two movements symbolising the evocative power and poetry of ancient illustration” with their 4th Elodie side - a must-check for fans of later works by The Caretaker.

In flaking detail and with time-slowing patience, in ‘Miniatures Persanes’ Chalk & Van Lujik create a beautifully ephemeral bridge between mediums of painting and musical composition. Unfolding in two seamless sides, they present the sonic equivalent of staring at a portion of an illustration so intently that they render a whole subplot or microcosmic narrative from its evocative cues.

In ‘Le Doigt d’Etonnement’ their peeling/pealing loops of suppertime jazz and folk instrumentation appear to resemble the effect of spending so long with the image that the divide between it’s depiction and reality becomes cracked, porous and topological, enchanting the 2D into an habitable 3D landscape of ancient, pastoral scenes replete with haptic sensations of breeze on skin and grass underfoot. If that first side feels like a undergoing a transition or transubstantiation, ‘Illuminations’ on the B-side appears to consolidate the effect from surreal abstraction into reality with more discernible instrumental gestures colouring the scene in watery flutes and smudged electronic oils underlined by dark stream of bass with such a strong sense of hypnagogia that you’ll do well to stay in the waking dimension by the end of the piece.

Safe to say we love Elodie, and love this record."

- Boomkat