Author: Phoebe Eustance, Jamie Leatherbarrow
Publisher: self published
Language: English
Pages: 20
Size: 21 x 14,7 cm
Weight: 80 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

KJUB is centred on themes of identity, displacement and socialism in a country (re)established in 1993.
Slovakia, like Ukraine - albeit less notoriously – and many other countries on the periphery, have a history of being torn between Europe and Russia.
The project is a collaboration between Phoebe Eustance and Jamie Leatherbarrow who spent three months in central Slovakia and were immersed in the local life, culture and architecture. As well as researching the political and social history of the country - and iconic events such as the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution - they also gained insight into local peoples thoughts of life post 1993, post socialism.
Phoebe Eustance