Cheval Oblique

Cheval Oblique
Author: Thomas Belhom
Publisher: Apparent Extent
Language: -
Pages: -
Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 200 g
Binding: -
Price: €21.00
Product Description

This is French percussionist Thomas Belhom's fifth instrumental album. Cheval Oblique features classic, melodic and fluent pieces. Electroacoustic composites are based on sparkling drum tracks, ambient loops and poetic melodies, and almost every track is a live track. Belhom is a one-man orchestra-concrete. Pop-ambient, Kraut, gamelan, elektronisches and field recordings are all intuitively composed around the drum stool. Think '70s Sun Ra, Pierre Henry, Jack De Johnette, plus '90s Wechsel Garland.