Walt Disney Productions

Walt Disney Productions
Author: Bertrand Lavier
Publisher: Editions Dilecta
Language: English-French
Pages: 80
Size: 21 x 28
Weight: 394 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9791090490178
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Price: €25.00
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Product Description

Bertrand Lavier is a skillful artist, he invests different forms of artistic expression through various techniques: installation, painting, sculpture, photography, infographics and recently music and light. He uses and transforms ordinary everyday life objects and turns them into true art pieces. He puts his modified creations in exhibition places, so that their status is put into question. Those pieces almost disconcerting force the viewer to question the fundamental principles of contemporary art.

The Walt Disney Productions series, started in 1984 and often exhibited since, is made out of enlargements made by Lavier of abstract paintings, sketched by Mickey Mouse’s creator for an adventure in a museum of modern art. The artist has also created sculptures based on those imagined in the album. By isolating these elements of decorum and reproducing them at their life-size, he gives to fiction the status of a work of art.

“I realised […] that they were good paintings! That’s what’s amazing! Those paintings came out of a kind of an average imagination but actually fulfill their purposes in reality…”
Bertrand Lavier