The Artistic Practice of Luísa Mota

The Artistic Practice of Luísa Mota
Author: Luísa Mota
Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Language: English / Portuguese
Pages: 420
Size: 32.5 x 23 cm
Weight: 1.2200 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788867495504
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Price: €40.00
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Product Description

“Getting to know the work of Luísa Mota is like delving deep into one’s subconscious; it is both exhilarating and unsettling similar to the sensation of riding a roller coaster in an amusement park; you want to do it but as soon as you walk onto the platform to take your seat and push the guard rail down a sinking feeling lays in your gut, then you do it all over again just for the thrill.”—Sylvia Chivaratanond

The book reflects the artistic process of Luísa Mota’s work for the last fifteen years. It serves as an introduction and approach to a unique and dense artistic practice that unfolds here at a graphic and conceptual level. The Artistic Practice of Luísa Mota is a project conceived by the artist in close collaboration with design studio Macedo Cannatà.
Luísa Mota was born in Porto, Portugal, where she currently lives and works. She graduated in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College and has a Master in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art, both in London. Her work includes performance, photography, sculpture, and video and addresses issues related to belief systems, religious and cultural stigmas that define common behaviour patterns.