Rave Ethics

Rave Ethics
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Publisher: Future Ethics
Language: English
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Size: 21 x 15 cm
Weight: 30 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €4.00
Product Description

The Rave Ethics zine and its follow-up Future Ethics are pocket-sized, rave-portable documents for critical discussion about electronic dance music culture.

"Rave Ethics was born from the want to celebrate, as well as the need criticise. Clubbing, as many of us know, provides the opportunity to socialise, and find one’s own identity among sweaty bodies on a sticky dancefloor, to one syncopated beat. Nevertheless, the clubbing enclave isn’t always smooth, good vibes. Netherlands-based editor Catherine Hilgers explains what influenced the zine’s creation: 'It was inspired by the good raves: comfortable, free to dance, looking at the smiling faces of my friends with their eyes closed around me, euphoria; and it was made urgent by the bad raves: disrespectful behaviour on the dancefloor, groping, bad drugs with unknowledgeable and messy drug-takers – or worse, drunks – commercialism, boring ‘stacked lineups’, out of touch white male DJs, promoters, and club owners.' "
– Anna Caffola, The zine teaching people how to rave safely and ethically, Dazed Media, 2016.