OMP 85: Image Management

OMP 85: Image Management
Author: Kim de Groot
Publisher: Onomatopee
Pages: 88
Size: 27 x 19 cm
Weight: 400 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 0553014720
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Product Description

Image Management by Kim de Groot
Editor: Bart Plantenga
Texts: Kim de Groot
Graphic design: Raoul Wassenaar
Printing: De Nieuwe Grafische

The networked image is a slice of network production that is emblematic of the current image economy. As a hub within a techno-social infrastructure it manages the network as a directive tool. This is a result of its existence within a production protocol that is programmed by technologies such as web applications, digital cameras and smartphone apps. Since networked images are part of a specific software, they are marked by software proper- ties, which enables them to be transformed into scripts or protocol.

Image management discusses a move from images as representation, to the application of images as productive networked objects. It is about the role of the image as mediator between technological and social protocols.