POINT5 no.5

POINT5 no.5
Author: VA
Publisher: OCADU
Language: English
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ISBN: 9781988817064
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Product Description

POINT5 no.5 (Winter 2018) for the OCADU Publications Major. In collaboration with Venuri Liyanage.

POINT5 With each publication comes an exploration of an encompassing theme. This Winter 2018 edition of POINT5 is a collection of interviews with a primary focus: on the beginnings of major Canadian art publications.

Through conversation with some of Canada’s top art publication contributors, POINT5 hopes to provide a lens into the creation of a community within a unique cultural landscape. These publications not only forged platforms for the dissemination of art culture but has and will continue to provide a catalyst for the participation in the political climate of its time.

The scope of these interviews are to be considered snapshots of the contributions made towards the establishment of the Canadian publication scene as well as the construction of the Canadian arts community as a whole. While showcasing these individuals, we hope to highlight the fire that was started and still lives within Canadian art publications.

POINT5 is (in alphabetical order): Taymah Armatrading, Katerine Baggio, Christina Castellano, Jercy David, Kong Cai, Dorothy Chow, Cat Ivy, Natasha Kitts, Joel Lee, Jacq Leigh, Venuri Liyanage, Reece McCrone, Hal October, Janica Olpindo, Haley Parker, Ruth Philips, Julia Rago, Rachel Scrivo, Ramis Taranmum AND Eldon Garnet as Advising Editor. We thank all of our generous interviewees for their contribution.

Design: Kong Cai, Hal October, and Venuri Liyanage