Author: Evgueny Fiks (Ed.)
Publisher: The Cooper Union
Language: English
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780578209975
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Product Description

Literary Nonfiction. Art. Edited by Yevgeniy Fiks and Stamatina Gregory. The Cold War lasted forty-six years, and--ostensibly--the West won. But where are the Cold War monuments? For nearly three decades, public signifiers of the Cold War, such as the Berlin Wall and Soviet monuments, have been framed in terms of destruction or kitsch. A monument created at the moment of its own demolition, the Wall encapsulated the continuing geopolitical imagination of the conflict as linear, binary, and terminal: the culmination of a now-historicized narrative of competing empires. But while the impact of half a century of sustained ideological conflict still reverberates through all forms of public and private experience--from Middle Eastern geographies of containment to the narrative structures of Hollywood to the suddenly reemerging (and still unfolding) conflict between Russia and the West--the Cold War has yet to be acknowledged through a public and monumental work of art.

MONUMENT TO COLD WAR VICTORY is an art book about monumentality and the legacy of the Cold War. With texts by Yevgeniy Fiks and Stamatina Gregory, Boris Groys, Nina Khrushcheva, and Joes Segal and artists' projects by: Yuri Avvakumov, Aziz + Cucher, Kim Beck, Constantin Boym, Camel Collective (Anthony Graves and Carla-Herrera Prats), Sasha Chavchavadze, Christoph Draeger, Deyson Golbert, Francis Hunger, Szabolcs KissPál, The National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service, Angelo Plessas, Lisi Raskin, Dread Scott, Dolsy & Kant Smith, Société Réaliste, Michael Wang.