Dear Nature,

Dear Nature,
Author: John Newling
Publisher: Beam Editions
Language: English
Pages: 168
Size: 15.2 x 21.6 cm
Weight: 404 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781916275928
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Price: €25.00
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Product Description

Frustrated by our dysfunctional relationship with the earth, artist John Newling spent 81 days writing letters to Nature. Written with the sentiment of letters to a loved one, the artist’s correspondence takes you on a journey through the history of agriculture, religion and economics, exploring the values that have underpinned human endeavour and shaped our world.

Newling’s letters are composed of humble apologies, observations, questions, and proposals. Written with humour and deference, honesty and hope, Dear Nature reveals a philosophy of balance and respect for the natural world, essential for our future.

This new, first edition paperback includes a previously unpublished letter written to the reader as an afterword by the artist.