C Magazine #150: Maps

C Magazine #150: Maps
Author: Jac Renée Bruneau (Ed.)
Publisher: C the Visual Arts Foundation
Language: English
Pages: 92
Size: 21 x 29.7 cm
Weight: 302 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 14805472
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Product Description

Issue 150 "Maps" reveals how countless languages of maps materialize the countless ways we relate to land. Maps create relations between us and where we are, where we have been, and where we’d like to go. In many cases, the function of a map is not to represent reality, but to imagine something in excess of it, and give form to that.

Issue Contents

Ashley Culver, Angelica Ng, and Liz Tsui – Letters


Jac Renée Bruneau and Maya Wilson-Sanchez – Editorial: Maps


paul schweizer / kollektiv orangotango and cristina t. ribas: Hydrocartography – Mapping with Waters

Kat Benedict – The Map Is the Territory: On Lucas LaRochelle’s Queering the Map

Lera Kotsyuba – Star Stories and Indigenous Resistance Against Light Pollution

Leah Decter and Tania Willard – Directions to BUSH Gallery

Mimi Gellman – The Poetics of Indigenous Carto-Activism

Sophia Arnold – Mapping the Black Box

Kyra Kordoski – Slow Enough to Watch the Ptarmigan Eating Willow Buds on Tundra: A Conversation with Maureen Gruben

Artist Project

Razan Al-Salah – No Man’s Land

Dana Qaddah – No Man's Land by Razan Al-Salah: Text


Sophia Larigakis – Composition – Cacophony and the Beyond: An Aural Topography

Coco Zhou – One Thing – Octavia E. Butler on Mars

Tarin Dehod – Tilling – Governance, Ungovernance, and Other Possibilities


Zannah Mae Matson
Mapping Abundance for a Planetary Future: Kanaka Maoli and Critical Settler Cartographies in Hawai‘i – Candace Fujikane

Courtney Miller
“Overburden” – Gabriela Escobar Ari, Asinnajaq, Patti Bailey qʷn̓qʷin̓ x̌n̓ , Randy Lee Cutler, Jim Holyoak and Darren Fleet, Ts̠ēmā, Keith Langergraber, Sarah Nance, Tara Nicholson, Carol Wallace

Jayne Wilkinson
“Terra Economicus” – Will Kwan

Greta Hamilton
Outdoor School: Contemporary Environmental Art Ed. by Diane Borsato and Amish Morrell

Julian Jason Haladyn
“Shelley Niro: Thinking Of You” and “DARKNESS” – Shelley Niro

Sandee Moore
“Provisional Structures” – Carmen Papalia with Vo Vo and jes sachse

Daniella Sanader
“Jess Dobkin's Wetrospective”

Sasha Cordingley
SULLAE 술래 – Jesse Chun

Olivia Michiko Gagnon
The Breaks – Julietta Singh

April Thompson
“Soul Power” – Jan Wade

Didier Morelli
“Of things as they happen to be” – Jeanette Johns

Karina Roman Justo
The Andean Information Age – Oscar Santillán and Alessandra Troncone