C Magazine #135

C Magazine #135
Author: Kari Cwynar (Ed.)
Publisher: C Magazine
Language: English
Size: 30 x 21
Weight: 262 g
Binding: Softcover
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C the Visual Arts Foundation

Issue Contents

Kari Cwynar

Amy Fung
The Past, The Present and The Same, Deanna Bowen interviewed by Amy Fung

Prathna Lor and Fan Wu
Sisyphus’ Music Box: A dialogue on race and interruption

Esmé Hogeveen
Making Us Look: Filmmaker Charles Officer on documentary-making, silent film aspirations and the overdue question of national audience in the year of Canada 150

Anna Kovler
A New Generation: In conversation with five independent art galleries: Little Sister, Bunker 2, Franz Kaka, The Loon and Y+ Contemporary

Lena Suksi
Soft Listen, Aliya Pabani interviewed by Lena Suksi

Charlotte Henay
LOUD: In Conversation with Raven Davis

jes sachse
nurture dance: a love letter to conversation and friendship in art

Jeneen Frei Njootli
red rose and lidii by Jeneen Frei Njootli, words by Linnea Dick

Cason Sharpe
Madelyne Beckles and Petra Collins: In Search of Us

Elora Crawford
Chris Curreri: Unruly Matter

Kendra Ainsworth
Maggie Groat: Suns also Seasons

Steffanie Ling
Julian Hou: Milman Parry’s Waiting Room Rhapsody

Aisle 4
Adrian Villar Rojas: The Theater of Disappearance

Fabiola Carranza and Steffanie Ling
On Ling’s Nascar

Katherine McKittrick and Rinaldo Walcott
On Walcott’s Black Like Who?

Emily Dickson
We Are Still Here, Camille Seaman’s Portrait Photography from Oceti Sakowin

Kendra Place
Andrea Roberts: The Stridents