A is A is A

A is A is A
Author: Marcello Jacopo Biffi
Publisher: Self published
Language: Italian
Pages: -
Size: 23.2 x 33.1 cm
Weight: 908 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

The alphabets are all developed from an elementary pixel matrix—the lowest form of the alphabet—which undergoes many digital transformations leading to atypical results. The variables determine the result, which is never final: each alphabet is a frame taken from a variation sequence that is progressively moving further away from its point of origin. ⁠

A is A is A is a temporary exhibition held at Marsèll Paradise in Milan, created by Marcello Jacopo Biffi , designed by From outer Space, curated by BRACE BRACE (the artist-run-space founded by Francesca Finotti, Cecilia Mentasti and Francesco Paleari), and produced by Marsèll.

With Gabriele Donini (Giga), Michele Galluzzo (Fantasia Type), Nicola Pietromarchi & Filippo Castellano, and Olympìque.

A limited edition catalog collecting in an envelope A is A is A booklet/poster and a replica set of the sheets of paper used to build the exhibition.