At an angle of 45°

At an angle of 45°
Author: Ivana Mirchevska
Publisher: PrivatePrint
Language: English
Pages: 112
Size: 14 x 23.5 cm
Weight: 276 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9786084960003
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Price: €10.00
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Product Description

“At an angle of 45°” is the first artist’s book by Ivana Mirchevska. As an artist that primarily uses video as her medium of expression, she uses it as a starting point in the concept of this book. She proposes a possible way of looking at things, which she calls surfacing the middle angle of the vertical and horizontal axis. This aims to destabilize the viewer’s normative perception and orientation. Using various mirrors, screens, and surfaces, shifting horizons, landscapes, and innerscapes, Mirchevska displays a specific visual language and narrative to achieve this goal. The book transports the viewer to a place where seeing is not merely looking in one direction but perceiving multiple images, touching and experiencing the environment as a whole.