Abissology - Horizon of Events

Abissology - Horizon of Events
Author: João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva
Publisher: Zé dos Bois
Language: English
Pages: 214
Size: 23.2 x 16 cm
Weight: 499 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789899581609
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Price: €29.00
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Product Description

“Gusmão and Paiva depict speculative fictions of nonexistent situations that activate contradictory reasoning, as if their experiments contained a techno-scientific guarantee that links the mechanics of observing phenomena to timeless imagery in a perfectly logical way. The visual structure of this metaphysics is driven by uncanniness, a trait particularly relished in these creators of impossible, disconjointed tales that generate fields of tensions and define spaces that negate objective reality.” – Teresa Velásquez “In the context of the research conducted by the artists for their latest project – Abissology: Towards a Transitory Science of the Indiscernible – on the ontological problem of being, they [João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva] identified, through K. Popper, a change in the Greek paradigm for comprehending the world. In the pre-Socratic era of Parmenides of Elea, at a certain moment the idea that the planets are at different distances gained acceptance: the cosmos ceased to be a fixed canvas. Observation of the Moon re-dimensions the interpretation of reality and carries with it a perceptive duplicity in its waxing and waning phases. It is accepted that the Moon is a singular and unique object, and that, despite its phases, its invisibility does not deprive it of a body.” – Natxo Checa