Paris Job Offer.

Posted in Motto Vertbois on September 17th, 2022
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New positions in Paris for experienced booksellers!

We are looking for two new team members to join Motto for a new store opening in Paris, and look forward to hearing from candidates with experience in retail, publishing and distribution logistics, and backgrounds in contemporary arts, theory, architecture, decolonial cultural politics and queer feminism. We are able to offer two part-time (3–4days/wk) CDD positions; please note that the job commitment includes sharing duties for weekend shop hours.

Responsibilities include:

Managing sales and interfacing with a broad range of customers

Photographing and indexing new arrival

Production assistance

Liaising with self-publishing artist and independent publishers

Communication regularly and efficiently with the Berlin-based team

Coordinating stock, consignments and newsletter content with the Berlin-based team

Managing events at the store in Paris

Please send one PDF file containing a cover letter and your CV to with your full name and “job application Paris” in the subject line. Please clearly indicate your preferred pronoun attribution in both French and English language contexts, in addition to any other language context you would like us to be aware of. Bonus points for candidates who are able to consider the people receiving their PDF and label it nicely!

Within your cover letter, please include what working in a team means for you, the best book you read this year and a short description of a specific artwork that truly inspired you. These questions are meant to help us understand how you approach problem solving and supporting others around you, as well as what areas of interest animate your daily life outside of any given work environment.

Interviews will be held next week in Paris, most likely in the afternoon on Friday 23 September.

Positions start in November 2022. If you have any questions about the job, please get in touch with Mika Hayashi Ebbesen at the email listed above.

Taxonomy of The Barricade. Image Acts of Political Authority in May 1968. Wolfgang Scheppe. NERO

Posted in Artist Book, books, history on April 14th, 2022
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An iconographic taxonomy—researched, conceived, and ideated by Wolfgang Scheppe, also author of the book’s final essay—that traces the state and police visual control through almost 500 images from the May 1968 police archives in Paris.

The pictorial order of a regime of surveillance applied during the last wide-ranging insurgence in Europe’s history surfaces from the analysis of this unique visual archive. Following the events happening at the Sorbonne in May 1968, alongside general strikes and nationwide factory occupations, France’s state of emergency becomes apparent through a specific iconography of visual control.

This critical moment in the development of governmental visualization strategies towards a totalitarian god’s perspective on the urban fabric has been researched and documented for the first time, by employing the vast photo archives of the Archives de la Préfecture de police de Paris. Among other characteristic typologies of authoritative monitoring aspects, the events in May ’68 marked the historic beginning of the deployment of helicopter based aerial photography as a means of governmental crowd control in a situation of escalating insurrection. The political will to gain an unobstructed view on any individual motion pattern represented in the project leads to epistemically-new technologies that combine observation with political governance, and the use of force as recently manifested in the agency of drones and face recognition.

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