Morceaux choisis. Saâdane Afif. Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite

Posted in art, Artist Book on November 19th, 2021
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morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-1 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-2 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-3 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-4 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-5 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-6 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-7 morceaux-choisis-saadane-afif-bom-dia-boa-tarde-boa-noite-9783943514551-8

Morceaux choisis is the first seminal overview of Saâdane Afif’s artistic practices. The publication features 48 exhibitions or performances organized in 28 separate sections, covering a period of 14 years.

Starting with Melancholic Beat at Museum Folkwang, Essen in 2004 and leading up to the recent exhibition Musiques pour tuyauterie, at mor charpentier, Paris in 2018, the monograph considers the format of the exhibition as Saâdane Afif’s medium, through which his work takes form and can be read.

Each one of the figuring exhibitions form an individual booklet: the pages with full color reproductions of the individual works and installation views are inserted within four additional pages providing the exhibition’s title, description, details and captions.

These 28 booklets form the body of the publication. The exhibition texts have been written by Lily Matras and Yasmine d’O. They are accompanied by an interview of Saâdane Afif by Lili Reynaud-Dewar, two critical texts by Zoë Gray and Jörn Schafaff, an index of the exhibited works and an index of Afif ’s released books and records.

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Technoprancer. Maex E. Achter & The Future Faeries. Museum Folkwang

Posted in Artist Book on November 13th, 2021
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technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-1 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-2 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-3 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-4 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-5 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-6 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-8 technoprancer-maex-e-achter-the-future-faeries-museum-folkwang-9

This latest edition of Technoprancer is a collaboration from the collective Future Faeries and is the product of their fascination with the mid-’90s publication of the same name. The original text, appearing in 1995 under the pseudonym Maex E. Achter, was a simple zine that, at its core, proliferates the idea of questioning our everyday assumptions. Made very simply with tape, staples, and a photocopier, it was ostensibly a one-off. Oddly, however, Achter included numerous blank pages towards the back of the zine. This gesture is seen as an invitation to continue the project, and from this open-ended position the Future Faeries have taken their direction. The contents are primarily pagan and queer, two areas of history that the Faeries see as heavily intertwined yet with accounts that are truncated and distorted. All is freely mixed with a bit of Web 1.0, artificial intelligence, deep sci-fi, lost narratives, and a dash of early rave culture. Includes contributions by August I. Sommers, C.E. Moores, Eleven Mary of the OBE, Qi Beau, and Wovish Pearblossom. Edited by B.A. Briggs.

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