Maps/Species. Anri Sala. Éditions Dilecta; Pinault Collection

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Anri Sala’s series Untitled (Maps/Species, 2018-2022) consists of diptychs which create a dialogue, within the twenty-four windows of the Passage de la Bourse de Commerce, between an an eighteenth-century zoological engraving with an ink and pastel drawing by the pastel by the artist. This cycle echoes the immense canvas marouflaged on the shoulder of the Rotunda. In the form of a leporello to be unfolded recto-verso, this book gives an account of this project in the context of its project in the context of its presentation.

Text by Anri Sala

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Fraustellungen: Exercises in Self Sabotage. Kasia Fudakowski. Chert & Motto Books

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Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_1 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_2 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_3 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_4 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_5 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_6 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_7 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_8 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_9 Fraustellungen_Exercises_in_Self_Sabotage_Kasia_Fudakowski_Chert_Motto_Books_10

Fraustellungen is a non-collaborative publication by the artist Kasia Fudakowski and gallerist Jennifer Chert. This two-sided leporello presents the artist’s four exhibitions from her Fraustellungen series: Enthusiastinnen (2012), Pessimistinnen (2013), Stoikerinnen (2014) and finally Sexistinnen to be presented at Art Basel Statements 2015. Each side is designed respectively by artist and gallerist, demonstrating two opposing aesthetic approaches to the work, the tug of war of forced collaboration, and reinforces the blatant destructive nature of self-sabotage.

Texts by Jacob Fabricius and Paul Haworth.


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