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Müller Josh 1–5 (2014) is a self-published artist’s book developed collaboratively by artist Josh Müller (DE/AT) and typographer Nik Thoenen (CH/AT). The project contains documentary material from five individual bodies of work, however without providing an overview — nor a review — of Müller’s artwork. While two of the five slim volumes expand on or parallel to existing works, the other three elaborate on non-shown long-term documentary and archival projects from 2001-2013. As a whole, the book engages with the generation of narrative. Far from being a fragmented linear reproduction of existing works, the publication demands montaging as an unbound collage, an exploration of the literary and the visual, enhancing the experiences of cross- and close reading. A self-published project: a work in the form of a book. Unbound and loose-leafed, an installative work in itself, a tribute to the non-linear character of the five volumes.

Five-part Artist’s Book
Camouflages / The Non–Titled Files / la construction du ciel / jetzt gleich — soon now / A Face that Turns its Face Away

With essays by Roland Graffé, Lina Morawetz, Gaëlle Obiégly, Axel Stockburger

Graphic design Niklaus Thoenen
Published independently, Vienna 2014
Printed in an edition of 300 + 50 on Munken paper 70g/m2, perforated and boxed.
The fonts Korpus and Areal BL were created by Niklaus Thoenen and Michael Mischler (Binnenland).
115 b/w and 26 colour images


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