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Posted in performance on January 24th, 2024
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Klara Liden


Part of me is this poor architect dealing with the prob lem of existing structures in the city, part of me is this amateur dancer or performer who wants to return ideas of rhythm to the activity of building, or of re-appropriating the built environment. Building is also un-building, re cycling or improvising new uses for what’s already been set up in places like New York, Berlin or Stockholm, whether in a museum or in my own apartment, and th ques tion of re-appropriating privatized, urban space always somehow begins with the body, its ways of moving and the temporalities it engages when it goes to work or opens up spaces of non-work in work. There is an idea of play that prefers not to decide what is and what isn’t work, what is and what isn’t useful in the activity of building. Use, most of the time, means diverting materials or spaces from their prescribed functions, inventing ways of making these things improper again. Aside from my interventions in galleries and museums, I have done things like set up a year-long, free postal service in Stockholm, built an underground house on city property in Berlin, removed ad Vertisements from downtown areas, made music with my house keys and moonwalked around Lower Manhattan.

Artist book on the occasion of the exhibition Non-solo show, Non-group show, interview with Ei Arakawa, Nikolas Gambaroff, Nick Mauss, Nora Schultz and Klara Liden (Engl.), 236 pp. with 200 b/w images, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, 2010.
The book is a joint project by the artists Ei Arakawa, Nikolas Gambaroff, Nick Mauss and Nora Schultz, realized on the occasion of their exhibition Non-solo, Non-group show in Zurich in 2009. It s the first monograph on Klara Liden and documents her works from the recent years – performances, videos and installations, that often incorporate found materials to explore the conditions of physical as well as of psychic spaces. It choses a form between artist book and catalogue, that draws on the DIY-aesthetic of Liden’s works and gives an overview of her artistic practice.

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