Author: Erik Kessels
Publisher: Kesselskramer
Language: English
Pages: 144
Size: 24 x 17 cm
Weight: 455 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9789070478087
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Product Description

Rejected photos rescued by Erik Kessels, André Thijssen, Sabine Verschueren and Hans Wolf Everyday, people visit their local photo shop to pick up their snapshots. Even in the digital age, there is still something special about handing over a roll of film and returning later to see photographs that will trigger and preserve fond memories. But sometimes there is an unwanted surprise by means of an unforeseen mistake in the photography. Perhaps the film jammed and 36 holiday pictures were taken on one frame. Maybe the film advancement was not complete or skipped a setting and resulted in a strange cropping or a double exposure. Maybe the shutter opened accidentally. In the end, these photographs are undesirable and get rejected by their maker. And yet, when these discarded photographs are separated from their initial purpose, they are free to be seen as objects on their own. They take on their own beauty in their accidental compositions and subject matter. Ghosted images tell an entire story in one frame. A bad cropping gives a glimpse of strange, other worlds with weird carpeting or cutlery. And because the photographers have discarded these Images, their rescue makes them even more special, like unwanted children who have survived and grown up to be something of wonder for us all to see. A KesselsKramer book. April 2006. Designed by Sabine Verschueren, Words by Tyler Whisnand. Thank you to all the photographers who rejected these photographs without whom this book would not be possible.