Wicked Womxn Prayer Cards

Wicked Womxn Prayer Cards
Author: Eloise Leigh
Publisher: New Age Rage
Language: English
Pages: 4 cards
Size: 5.5 x 8 cm
Weight: 30 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €5.00
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Product Description

Prayer cards or holy cards are traditionally used in the Christian faith, depicting different patron saints and prayers or scriptures for strength and motivation. They can be used for decorating altars and shrines, given as gifts, and are often carried in wallets for good luck and protection.

Updated with a modern twist and attention to intersectional feminism, these cards focus on four historical womxn of color who were "wicked" in the sense of challenging the patriarchy of their cultures, and being generally badass and worthy of "sainthood," still empowering us with their stories today:

FRIDA KAHLO struggled with health issues most of her life during the tumultuous era of the Mexican Revolution, painting uncompromising images exploring cultural identity, the female body, sexuality, gender, class and race.

OCTAVIA E. BUTLER was one of the first Black female authors to gain critical acclaim writing science fiction with political and social commentary in eerily prophetic, apocalyptic, Afrofuturist masterpieces.

QIU JIN was a revolutionary, crossdressing, martial artist, feminist poet who was beheaded for rebelling against the Qing dynasty and traditional oppressions against women such as footbinding and arranged marriage.

WE'WHA was a famous Indigenous Zuni Ihamana, or “two-spirit” nonbinary person with both masculine and feminine traits. They were a highly respected fiber artist, potter, and ambassador, even tho they were eventually imprisoned for “witchcraft” by colonists.

> Risoprinted in Black and Fluorescent Green ink on 300gsm Munken White cardstock by Drucken3000 (drucken3000.de)
> Size of each card: 55 x 80 mm
> Double-sided with portrait on front, "prayer" inspirational quote on back