We seemed to be forever

We seemed to be forever
Author: Romina Reyes
Publisher: Hambre Hambre Hambre
Language: English
Pages: 1
Size: 9 x 14 cm ( folded) 28 x 42 cm (unfolded)
Weight: 30 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €3.00
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Product Description

This edition titled We seemed to be forever consists of 100 copies of the translation of the zine We seemed eternal by the writer Romina Reyes. The lesbian story is complemented by the drawings of the artist Violeta Cereceda. Plus its unconventional folding invites us to feel the story on its multiple levels.

Hambre Hambre Hambre is a lesbian initiative from Santiago, Chile, that amplifies the work of women and dissidents in Latin America. We experiment from a feminist perspective with economic publications, unconventional formats and propaganda. Each fanzine is a unique recipe, cooked intimately with its collaborators. Our editions include similar interventions that value manual trades. Among the authors are the artists and writers Oni88, Fernanda Ivanna, Lucia Reissig, Romina Reyes and Paz Ortúzar.