Veils (vinyl)

Veils (vinyl)
Author: VÍZ
Publisher: BlauBlau Records
Size: 31 x 31cm
Weight: 330 g
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Product Description

Réka Csiszér is a Hungarian vocalist, composer, performer, and a multidisciplinary artist from Transylvania. A prolific artist active in numerous multidisciplinary projects and collaborations, Csiszér aims to create conceptual, audio-visual works steeped in science fiction and avant-garde experimentation. As VÍZ, she presents a new project and her first solo album via BlauBlau Records. The conceptual audio-visual work ‘Veils’ is an elegiac body horror soundtrack in seven stages, dealing with themes of duality, unreality, the corporeal, language, self & identity, nature, and the pursuit of ancestral provenance.

Accompanying the record is an abstract, psychotronic short film, spanning three chapters, made in collaboration with Radiana Basso - a filmmaker from Ticino (Switzerland). Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s concept of ‘psicomagia’, each chapter represents the encounter of assorted personas within Csiszér’s familial constellation.

Watch the Veils Triptych here:
Jozefina (Veils I):
Invader (Veils II):
Roter Berg (Veils III):

VÍZ recently appeared alongside the likes of Moor Mother, Lucrecia Dalt, Greg Fox, Tim Hecker and Rabih Beaini on the Jerusalem In My Heart album ‘Qalaq’.
released December 3, 2021

Vocals, Piano, Violoncello, Roland JP-08, Korg Mono-Poly, MicroKorg, Kawai SX-240, Field Recordings, performed by Réka Csiszér

All tracks written, recorded and produced by Réka Csiszér
Mixed by Simone Bernardoni & Réka Csiszér
Mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering
Artwork Design by Bureau Mia