Turn On Arabic American Radio (2LP)

Turn On Arabic American Radio (2LP)
Author: Muslimgauze
Publisher: Staalplaat
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Pages: -
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 700 g
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Price: €42.00
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Product Description

The relationship between Bryn Jones’ music as Muslimgauze and the track/album titles he would provide (sometimes right on the tapes he would send in for release, but often determined later, sometimes even giving two different pieces months apart the same title, accidentally or not) has always been a little mysterious. Jones himself can no longer be asked, and as we continue to investigate the swathes of material he provided, you hit sources like the DAT or DATs that make up the contents of the new double LP “Turn On Arab American.” Nine tracks, the first LP/four tracks titled “Turn On Arabic American Radio,” and the other LP/five tracks labelled only “Arabic American Radio.” None of them sound particularly ‘radio-esque’, although given the simultaneous vastness and ornate focus of Jones’ Muslimgauze work that gap between name and sound is far from atypical.