Tsubomi – bud – (vinyl)

Tsubomi – bud – (vinyl)
Author: Namiko Ishitsuma
Publisher: Peotry Baum
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Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 250 g
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Product Description

"This work layers the written word of poetry, music and sound (voice) to build a spatial image of what I wanted to share with you. This is a collection of impressions I accumulated in my own way from all the various stimulating experiences and all the trial-and-errors I endured as an artist in Berlin since 2008. It has a unique content that includes experimental elements. One world created by one person's approach from different angles through read poetry and music (the 11 musicians who were connected in Berlin: Shun Nakamura / Kae San / Alan Gleeson / Hoshiko Yamane / Nikolaus Kirstein / Stelios Vakaloudis / Yuko / Hiroki Takatani / Carlos Gelso / Max Solo / Wataru Saito) I hope you will enjoy it against your own view of the world."

–Namiko Ishitsuma