Trace / Warp / Sheet / Dual / Figure / Avalanche (signed)

Trace / Warp / Sheet / Dual / Figure / Avalanche (signed)
Author: Hiroshi Takizawa
Publisher: Takahito Harada, rin art association
Language: English
Size: 17 x 24.5 cm
Weight: 350 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9784990976408
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Price: €30.00
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Product Description

Textures of gravels, rocks, and construction materials such as concrete and stones, or even wrinkles of a bed cover in a motel room. The object is removed of any distinct visual feature, as they are documented simply as a mass matter that has no name nor identity.

In his photography, Takizawa scrutinizes material surface and texture of each object with a fascination to the mystery of the object, and a certain quality concentrated within it over a historic period of time. He then prints, scans and overlays images, and photograph these prints again. By repeating so, he archives an enormous amount of “memories” that the object seems to embrace as a witness of human activities.

Away from the digital media space, his works are often physically pasted on a wall, a pillar or one corner of a room, and occasionally manipulated into a three-dimensional construct.

As the artist converts his data into image, he transverses many conceptual and physical boundaries—between art and nature, time and space, real and virtual, and the two and the three-dimensional, and so forth. And in this process, Takizawa constructs his own means and language to deliver the world of his photography.

Signed copy.