Topology in Bed

Topology in Bed
Author: Chi Tsai Ni
Publisher: nos:books
Language: English / Taiwanese
Pages: 54
Size: 18.5 x 13 cm
Weight: 198 g
Binding: Hardcover
Price: €179.00
Product Description

Condition: Fine. minor shelfwear.

This is a collection of the temporary sculptures by Chi Tsai Ni. Ni re-arranges and sets them again according to his memory, when our photographer shoots them. Ni's daughter edits the book, accompanied by Ni's preliminary sketches.

Chi Tsai ni's original works were gone. They only exist in the memory of his family members. As his daughter recalls, around 1989-1999, when returning home from school, she would find those sculptures lying in her parents' bedroom. They came in weird shapes, and the shapes never repeated.

Ni's wife does not participate in any discussion.

When re-making the sculpture series, Ni recalls the younger days when traveling with his friends, they lodged, by mistake, in a love motel. There on the bed was a pile of blanket-mountain giving a hint of sex. Ni's own sculptures showed much the same sexy fantasies. They acted as a sign or investigation to his wife, while Ni's daughter was still little.

During the shooting, as Ni folds the blankets, in his mind he always had a perfect projection of the outcome, giving rise to the impossible forms of such ordinary objects. The photographer and our team are absorbed in the blankets like we are getting psychedelic, haunted by the desire that the blankets generate.

Artist: Chi Tsai Ni - Photographer: Etang Chen - Editor: Son Ni

First published 2015 - Limited 500 copies, numbered - published by nos:books, Taipei, Taiwan