Together We Dance

Together We Dance
Author: Gøneja
Publisher: -
Language: English
Pages: 78
Size: 20 x 25 cm
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Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

Following the police armed raids and temporary closing of Tbilisi’s techno club Bassiani in May this year, a legendary “parliament rave” was thrown in front of the building in protest of this suppression of freedom. The local and foreign DJs present in Georgia’s capital at the moment of the demonstrations played music to thousands of ravers that manifested their dissent dancing for days despite the multiple attempts to shut the rave down. Bassiani’s own motto “We dance together. We fight together.” soon became the emblem of this dissent by both the local and international music community, both off- and on-line.

As the images of the rave spread over social media and a subsequent video of solidarity by international techno DJs was shared, “Together We Dance” came about as a spontaneous personal homage to techno music and rave culture, which have always been the subject of interest of the work of Berlin-based photographer Gøneja. This self-published photo-book contains artist portraits, nudes and performative photographs of the people the photographer has met on endless dance-floor visits. The book also contains text by Agata K.