Tiago Sousa - Um Piano Nas Barricadas (LP)

Tiago Sousa - Um Piano Nas Barricadas (LP)
Author: Tiago Sousa
Publisher: Discrepant
Size: 31.5 x 31.5
Weight: 350 g
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Product Description

The artist formerly known as Ergo Phizmiz releases his first work under his birth name, DW Robertson’s Disco Caroussel, a demented ode to the power of mechanical music.

”Everybody knows that mechanical music is the highest form of entertainment, that’s why the fairground, that age old uber-entertainment, rang with the chaotic splendour of Barrel Organs, Orchestrions, Bellenoens and Serinettes.

In the 20th century, as the delicate mechanisms of automata fell out of favour to the machismo of electricity, all the music-boxes left the funfair, to be usurped by Euro-Techno.

“Disco Carousel” is an attempt to redress this balance with a little bit of time travel, a little bit of tlc, and atomic fusion between the discreet windings of the Pianola and the whirring innards of the computing-machine.

Each piece is “Programme Music”, and comes with a title that should take you straight to the electro-mechanical fairground you’ve always dreamed of. You can ride the big dipper, the ghost train, ace the shooting gallery, win a prize. In the safe knowledge that, all around your head, in multiple permutations, the highest form of entertainment is taking place.”
DW Robertson, 2016


A1 Big Dip on the Big Dipper
A2 The Shooting Gallery
A3 Prizewinner
B1 Brief Sojourn on the Ghost Train
B2 Disco Carousel