Third Text 99

Third Text 99
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Third Text 96

Introduction: Art, ‘Enclave Theory’ and the Communist Imaginary 353-367
Roberts, John

The Sensuous Religion of the Multitude: Art and Abstraction in Negri 369-382
Toscano, Alberto

‘Monumental Construction’: Badiou and the Politics of Aesthetics 383-392
Noys, Benjamin

The Fear of Heteronomy 393-406
Day, Gail

Lessons in Futility: Francis Alÿs and the Legacy of May '68 407-420
Kester, Grant

Aesthetics in a Time of Emergency 421-433
Miles, Malcolm

Art Relations and the Presence of Absence 435-446
Kenning, Dean

Commons and Crowds: Figuring Photography from Above and Below 447-464
Edwards, Steve

From Communism to Commons? 465-480
Riff, David and Vilensky, Dmitry

Artistic communism – a sketch 481-494
Martin, Stewart