there is life between us (+transparency)

there is life between us (+transparency)
Author: Deniz Gül
Publisher: Notonly Publications; Kunstverein Publishing (Milano)
Language: English
Pages: 172
Size: 14 x 20 cm
Weight: 500 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9786057019110
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Product Description

A concise and poetic meditation on materiality and materiality by Turkish artist and writer Deniz Gül (1982).

English edition published by Notonly Publications in collaboration with Kunstverein Publishing (Milano), 2021.

What is the gaze of philosophy? How do we see through it? “there is life between us (+transparency)” is a weave of 40 essays in dialogue with theoretical approaches to the scientific, ecological and artistic implications of transparency as an overarching concept.

In 40 fragments, spanning from the Feldenkrais method to Bergsonian thought and many others, Deniz Gül explores the concept of transparency by deconstructing the Eurocentric male dominant gaze.

“The only way out is to land. To the surface. To the skin of the earth (+terresterial). How? Through introspection. Through Latour’s oligopticon, Calvino’s Carruga, Feldenkrais’ self-image, Deleuze’s difference, Agamben’s identity without person, Martin’s flaws, Nauman’s bounces, Sıtkı Baba’s düş oluş (becoming a dream)... With Rumi’s whirl, Arachne’s web, Deligny’s wandering lines, Michaux’s fractals...”

Gül is known for her practice as a conceptual sculptor and writer, excavating and navigating the surfaces of language and the landscape of human thinking. Her novel-like exhibitions feature installations and sculptures speaking of structure, composition, form, consequence.

Editor: Kevser Güler
Copy editor: Matt Hanson
Translator: Rana Kelleci, Deniz Gül
Designer: Ömer Ozan Erdoğan
Cover image: Ezgi Tok
Final reading: Andrew Bell