The Ramallah Lecture

The Ramallah Lecture
Author: Jakob Jakobsen
Publisher: Nebula Books
Language: English
Pages: 190
Size: 11.6 x 16.4 cm
Weight: 222 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-87-993651-3-5
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Product Description

This book is based on a blog written by the visual artist and political activist Jakob Jakobsen during a six-week stay in Ramallah and the West Bank.

"In the summer of 2008 I visited Palestine. ArtSchool Palestine had invited me over for the purpose of meeting and working with local artists and other people in the occupied territories. As the theme of my visit was relatively open, my Palestinian host explained that my stay here could be understood as a type of artistic research. That suited me fine as I had worked with activist investigations and artistic research in The Copenhagen Free University for almost six years.

I’ve followed the situation in Palestine for many years and the Palestinian cause has persistently challenged my political sense of justice. Since September 11th 2001 the conflict has been spun more and more into the War against Terror and life for the Palestinians appears to have become even more troublesome. But what do you really know as an outsider and a media consumer in the West? In terms of the struggles over territory that go on in and around this small piece of land some call Palestine, what actually shapes the scenery that is produced in the public sphere? My stay in Palestine was an opportunity to get closer to the everyday conditions in the occupied territories, although I was constantly asking myself about my own role as an artist and a political person in this situation of conflict"

Jakob Jakobsen is an artist, organizer and activist. He ran the Copenhagen Free University, cofounded the artist run TV-station tvtv and has participated in exhibitions and projects all over the world. He has been visiting and working in Palestine at several occasions.

The book is published in association with ArtSchool Palestine, Ramallah.