The Nent Vulner

The Nent Vulner
Author: Vince Gagliardi
Publisher: Vince Gagliardi
Size: 31 x 31cm
Weight: 270 g
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Product Description

Vince Gagliardi´s Audio Video project "The Nent", has a dream-like aesthetic rooted in a passion for broken ambient textures, eerie field recordings and poignant percussive elements.
His debut album “Vulner“ (released for Cyclic Law and mastered at Dadub Studio) offers 3 long progressions with explosive culminations. Mostly composed with field recordings and samples collected over the last sixteen years, all with a deep personal meaning.
All tracks are interconnected and draw a path from innocence, to greed up to the inevitable over time. The title “Vulner“ defines a feeling of compassion to this cycle humans are vulnerably exposed to.
His praised live performances infuse dark ritual rhythms and surreal visual imagery, constantly challenging abstract connections in the perceiver’s mind.
Vince is also working with the Modern Bön team in Berlin and runs his own label Vumantra Records.