The Luna Erratum

The Luna Erratum
Author: Maria Sledmere
Publisher: Dostoyevsky Wannabe
Language: English
Pages: 138
Size: 13 x 19.9 cm
Weight: 180 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781838015657
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Price: €12.00
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Product Description

How do you explain yourself to yourself when you suspect that actuality – your experience of it – is provisional and full of error? You come up with your own poetics, your own tense and mode of address, which is a lunar one, and which involves speaking in crushed, frothy mouthfuls to a terrifyingly silent, unpredictable and generous friend (celestial objects, an indifferent lover, &c.).

The Luna Erratum offers no truth except in things – colours, materials, beings, dreams, schemes of language, human artefacts and locations – and their known convergences, all of which hold as much affective weight and capacity for transformation as the events that precipitated this profoundly graceful, unsettling and mesmerising book.