The Fall of Professor M

The Fall of Professor M
Author: Paul McDevitt; Declan Clarke
Language: English
Size: 24.3 x 31.1
Weight: 162 g
Binding: Softcover
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‘Professor M looked down at his paunch and sighed. At 56 his physical decline, long established, hadn't got any easier to endure. Work didn't help. And neither would this meeting.
In fact, he was dreading it. If she had shown his letter to the Dean he was done, and he knew it was his own doing. What a fool. He knew he had been kidding himself. Times had changed, and he knew that too.
God, he needed a drink. But that would just make it worse. Showing up for a meeting like this with the smell of alcohol on his breath would be the nail in his coffin. He sighed again and looked out the window.
His wife would leave him, for good this time. And his kids would never respect him again. How had he let this happen? Again. Resigned, he got up from his desk and reached for his Gore-Tex rain jacket. At least that was reliable.’

Design Alexander Schmidt (Plaintype)

Hunker Down 2015