The Burning Sand Vol. 3

The Burning Sand Vol. 3
Author: Sarah Lowndes (Ed.)
Publisher: The Burning Sand
Language: English
Pages: 48
Size: -
Weight: 80 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: ISSN: 2052-5699
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Product Description

Volume 3 of Glasgow-based bi-annual prose poetry and art magazine The Burning Sand, was edited by Sarah Lowndes and designed by Sophie Dyer and Maeve Redmond.

It includes distinctive voices including a new image-text work from artist Kathryn Elkin, a collaborative contribution by Wolf (musician and composer Kim Moore and artist Fergus Dunnet), Jenny Brownrigg’s story, Five art curators consider transforming an interior, three Untitled acrylic paintings composed on pieced newspaper by Tony Swain, Nerea Bello’s eloquent analysis of the controversial annual ritual Alarde parade, Lauren Gault’s evocative composition Such Lush Detail and Luke Fowler’s researches into the live electronic work of maverick Canadian composer Martin Bartlet.